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Making Your Cash Flow

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We always ensure proactive client communication in dealing with late payments

Invoice Reminder

We send positive and timely reminders of late payment and terms.

Issue Management

We manage the process of invoice management to ensure resolutions to queries and issues

  • Monica is very professional, delivered accurate information and achieved a reduction in our debtor days to get that cash coming in!

    - Anthony Basker - Flipside -
  • Just a note to say how pleased we are with the results so far. After hardly a month, our aged debtors have improved significantly.

    - Alan Campbell - Humblescribe -
  • Statergy have managed to reduce our accounts receivable to an excellent 85% for 1-30 days within a six month period.

    - Richard Bailey -

Statergy's client focused credit control solution

Communicating with your clients in a positive and supportive manner that gets you paid.


We proactively communicate with your clients to understand any issue to late payment, whilst sending positive timely reminders through to payment, building a long term relationship that enhances customer support through to dispute resolution.


Statergy prides itself on being highly adaptable. We can offer you a bespoke service and scale the level of work as you see fit. We are highly sensitive when working with your customers, we appreciate the relationship and make sure that the credit control process is clear to all involved.


Recording and analysing of customer queries ensures lessons are learnt in all areas of the business. By engaging with all areas of your business using workflow based events, queries are resolved more quickly.

Affordable Credit Control

for all size businesses from small sole trader to medium sized companies. We have the expertise at the right price for you.

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